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Hawaii Profiles


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pictured above Dean Wilson


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808Golf spotlights Dean Wilson (DW) on this edition of “Hawaii Profiles”.


808Golf: How and when did you start golf?

DW: I started playing golf when I was 13 years old, my mom would go out to Pali Municipal Golf Course and I would follow her.


808Golf: Why is golf such a great game?

DW: Golf’s a great game because you can play your whole life, play at all different levels with any type of person, and play by yourself.


808Golf: What is your best round?

DW: 58, 14-under par


808Golf: Now that you are on the PGA Tour what is your short-term goal? Long term?

DW: I don’t have any goals


above Dean (right) & caddie Mark Chun (left) analyze a putt in the '03 Sony Open in Hawaii



808Golf: How did you feel after you qualified for the 2003 PGA Tour? How has life been since doing so?

DW: Good, relieved, went there 8 times so nice to get through and get a full crack at the tour. Same, nothing to glamorous.


808Golf: How often do you practice?

DW: Everyday as much as I can unless I’m sick of it but I love playing golf so I’m always out playing or practicing.


808Golf: What aspect of your golf game is strongest? Weakest?

DW: My short game within 100 yards. Doing interviews.


808Golf: What do you want to do after your golf career comes to an end?

DW: Count money, stack trophies


808Golf: If you could change anything about golf what would it be?

DW: Doing interviews and being ask questions about what I would change about the game


808Golf: If you could make Hawaii Golf better what would you do?

DW: Be successful on the PGA Tour and be an example to the junior golfers growing up


808Golf: Who in your opinion is the best Hawaii Golfer ever?

DW: David Ishii


808Golf: The golden question, for the youngsters/aspiring players who dream of playing on the big tours. What advice can you give to them?

DW: Work hard, don’t let anyone tell you, you can’t achieve what you want to achieve, and have fun.


I'd like to thank Dean for taking time to do this interview, for sporting 808Golf.com on his OAKLEY treads in the '03 Sony Open in Hawaii and wish him the best in his first season on the big tour!


Dean Wilson's BIO click here


Michelle Wie | Dean Wilson | Mary-Bea Porter-King | Tommy Kim



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